How many times have you stumbled across a website, searching for information only to find the navigation miserable? And what do you do as and when you don’t find the website providing you information in a proper manner? You skip it to search for the next site and the next, till you find something that meets all your expectations. This is the exact scenario that all users face when they are presented with poorly designed website.

Now you will ask, what is a good website design composed of? The answer to this lies within the problem itself. The website should be aesthetic with all the elements (read image, text and other components) neatly organized and be absolutely clutter-free. In fact, nowadays the trend lies in creating websites that give all the information that you need and take less time to load. If you too are a newbie designer and want to design some of the best websites, here are some of the latest trends along with their benefits that you need to consider. Go through them to get a better idea:

Responsive Website Design:

A responsive website is something that is effortless to browse through irrespective of the device used. What it means is that pick any website and it should give you the same user experience on a mobile, a tablet and a desktop computer. Needless to say that owing to the growing number of handheld devices that are being used to browse the internet, most of the sites are taking the responsive website design routes to give their users an enhanced interface. Moreover, it makes the sites easier to maintain.


Parallax Scrolling Design:

In Parallax site design, the movement of the background is restricted to an extent and moves at a different speed as opposed to the rest of the page. This in turn creates a striking visual impact with the help of app-promotion and an attractive website. The benefits of this design are many, including attracting visitors and guiding them easily through the website, thereby reducing the bounce rates and increasing call to action.


Flat UI Design:

Flat UI design is a trendsetting feature that combines minimalist approach as well as style elements. Many large enterprises utilize this design approach to reduce navigation and give the gist of the website in limited space. These are easier to load and browse websites and are a favorite with end-users.


Mobile First Design:

Talking about Mobile first design, it is all about scalability. In essence, it means that whatever be the website, it should give the same if not better user experience irrespective of the screen size and other technical specifications of a device. For instance, if you browse through a particular website on your desktop, you should have no problem browsing the same website on your mobile device as well. With millions of mobile users using their devices to access the websites, this gives you the chance to attract more footfalls on your website and increase potential customers.


Less Text, More Video:

Since most visitors have a short attention span, you have limited time on hand to sell your product or services via your website. This is the reason many websites are giving text the slip and opting for short videos for this purpose. These videos are short and to the point and help you retain customers who would rather watch the video than go through lines of text.


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